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You need a partner who understands your business and how to mitigate fraud and the risks associated with it. Merchant Solution Services brings high tech, innovative tools to you.

Our technology platform and knowledge base will help you understand why chargebacks occur, where fraud is occurring and how to prevent and stop chargebacks and fraud from occurring.


Competitive, secure, cutting edge equipment and software

Non Profit

Save with discounted fees, experience and the support you expect.


Competitive Pricing and POS Software to support your business

High Risk Merchants

High-Risk merchant acceptance requires a partner who understands your business, has solutions and knows how to help and protect your business.


Secure, simple integration, fraud protection, seamless payment acceptances


Take your business global with international processing services.


Never be caught not being able to take payments. Easy to use applications for Apple and Android devices.

Business to Business

High Volume and high ticket processing.

Equipment and POS Systems

Is your equipment serving your business?

Today's cutting edge technology has given businesses a new experience in accepting payments. High standards of quality, performance, and integrable applications allows a business to run and manage the payment process faster, more efficient and secure.

pax e 500

High Ticket Performance

  • Connect to WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet, 4G/3G
  • Built-in bar code scanner
  • Fast printers for receipts
  • Email Receipt
  • Bright Displays
  • Business management applications
  • Inventory management
  • Detailed transaction reporting
  • Detailed Transaction reporting
  • App marketplace
  • New standard for Payment experience
  • Pay at the table
mag strip
gift card


Real- Time insights into your business.

Every transaction tells a story through cardholder data analytics and psychographics.

  • Learn who your customers really are
  • See revenue trends and changes
  • Know your returning customers
  • Make smarter decisions on inventory, employees, customer behaviors and payment types
  • Create transaction and deposit reports
  • View and manage Dispute activity
  • Export data to advance accounting software
  • Keep your reports in your back pocket with access on your computer, phone, tablet and wearable

Get Started

Step One

Apply Online

Use our simple and easy application to get started in just minutes.

Step Two

Provide Documents

Once MMS receives your application, we will return a pre-filled document to electronically sign. Provide the documents requested at the time of online application.
*Additional documents may be requested

Step Three


We are ready to help anytime. Please give us a call. A member of our team may contact you if we need any additional information or to ensure proper setup.

Step Four

Account Setup

Once the account is live and ready to go, we will contact you to finalize your setup and get you ready to process payments.

Step Five

Process Payments

Congratulations. You are now ready to start accepting payments.


What pricing is best for your business?

Cost Plus / Interchange

Most competitive and cost-efficient. Complete itemized and detailed statement.

Flat Rate

Easy to understand. Simple statement.

Cash Discount/ Pass the Fee

Save up to 95% off your processing fees. Keeps money in your business so you can grow your business.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.  MSS is ready to help determine which method is best for your business.  Contact us today to discover how you can benefit from choosing your pricing.  MSS gives you can benefit from choosing your pricing.  MSS gives you control of the pricing when accepting payments.

Knowledge is Power

MSS has put together a library of valuable information to empower and enlighten businesses. Knowing how the payment industry functions will greatly benefit your business and how it operates. MSS will provide information on:

  • Best practices for businesses when accepting payments
  • Chargeback management and chargeback mitigation processes
  • Reduce and prevent fraud
  • Keeping customer sensitive data secure
  • Tips for better business payment processes and acceptance
  • Industry education
  • Stay up to date on trends, news, and solutions
Solutions for every business

Accelerate your receivables today!

payment processing

Merchant Solution Services is a merchant account and payment processing provider and provides tools and resources to accompany the merchant accounts.

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