High Risk Merchants

Are you tired of having your accounts close?

Are you having challenges establishing a merchant account?

Who is looking out for you and your business?

If you are asking any of these questions, you need a partner in High-Risk payment processing. Merchant solution Services is an expert in high-risk processing. We have years of experience setting up and managing businesses labeled as high-risk. We have consulted with many companies and helped identify problem areas that result in fraud and chargebacks. We put strategies and practices in place to resolve these problems so your business maintains a strong, healthy merchant account.

High-Risk Business We Serve

Do you know if you are at risk of losing a merchant account?

Most businesses we work with do not understand fully the risks of accepting payments, and especially don’t realize what can cause added exposure. Small and sometimes seemingly innocent decisions have caused companies to lose their ability to process cards.

Merchant Solution Services is here to serve you and protect you from these mistakes. We have technologies to help and protect you.

Services We Provide

Mistakes can become costly to a business. Many mistakes in payment processing come from not understanding and knowing the rules for card acceptance. Is a lack of education or understanding worth losing your ability to accept payment from your customers?

  • Identify fraud and stop it before it stops you
  • Customer KYC Data
  • Customer Profile Analysis
  • Customer Psychographics

As a reputable and experienced high-risk account provider, Merchant Solution Services understands the complexities of your business and what is required for you to accept payments and stay profitable. We work with your business to provide long term and sustainable solutions to your biggest challenges. Businesses are labeled high-risk due largely to the abundance of fraud and chargebacks on the account. Fraud and chargebacks can quickly damage a business's reputation and most importantly the ability to accept payments.

Merchant Solution Services Is Your Expert Source for High Risk Merchant Accounts and Solutions

We bring the tools, technologies, relationships, knowledge experience to you.

Protect Your Business!

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Merchant Solution Services is a merchant account and payment processing provider and provides tools and resources to accompany the merchant accounts.

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